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AAREA- Aging in Place/Property Succession Plans

Aging in Ann Arbor-A2 resource page for the Baby Boomer

There are many things to consider when you are thinking of transitioning into a more maintenance free lifestyle.

Universal design emerged from slightly earlier barrier-free concepts, the broader accessibility movement, and adaptive and assistive technology and also seeks to blend aesthetics into these core considerations. As life expectancy rises and modern medicine increases the survival rate of those with significant injuries, illnesses, and birth defects, there is a growing interest in universal design. There are many industries in which universal design is having strong market penetration but there are many others in which it has not yet been adopted to any great extent. Universal design is also being applied to the design of technology, instruction, services, and other products and environments.
Universal Design is sweeping the housing industry with interest and I see an increasing demand everyday in our area. Development Projects in Southeastern Michigan are becoming exceeding popular if this element is included in the planning phase. I have buyers of all ages requesting floor plans that lend to single level, more communal living with high ceilings, walk in closets and all of the design features of the hard to reach 2 stories of yesteryear. In our area, this design style is rare and your plan may involve purchasing your next home before selling the last. The inventory is slim, and they tend to sell quickly.
At Howard Hanna Mortgage, they have a tailor made Buy before you Sell program to assist you in making a smooth transition.
You deserve to have a home and environment that are pleasing,and comfortable. Planned for your lifestyle, abilities, and hobbies.
Now is the best time to begin planning for your housing future. There are many benefits to making this move in the next 24 months including historically low interest rates, high sales prices for your current asset.
Contact me today, and let's meet for coffee and talk about it.

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