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Ann Arbor Real Estate Associates-AAREA

Our Mission Statement:
We are a full time, full service, real estate firm focused on assisting our residential home community maximize proceeds as well as minimize costs. We pledge to provide the necessary information to reach the most desirable contract terms possible.

From contract to closing, let us move you..

Ann Arbor Real Estate Associates (29 years experience)

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I am Caitlin Phillips founder and CEO of Ann Arbor Real Estate Associates based out of Southeastern Michigan. We

I have been in the luxury residential real estate industry all of my life and still love my small but valuable business, working with area buyers and sellers everyday . In this ever changing marketplace it is best to have an agent that is familiar with all facets of marketing and the procurement of residential real estate.

I have a genuine love of homes and come from a family of large land managers, residential home builders, city park planners, architects, urban planners. I have grown a keen sense of urban planning and how people move and live in American cities from day to day.

Finding a professional that can easily communicate is key

I take pride in the fact that I am present in the Southeastern Michigan housing market. I can easily adapt to the style of communicating that best fits each individual client. Managing all types of transactions, remaining current with industry news are all things that should matter to you, our consumer.
Over the years searching for real estate has evolved into a
DIY(do it yourself) process.
I encourage the consumer to look online, and have agreed to be there when you need me. I am also happy to bring them to your home or mail them to you, and reach out via the telephone.
When you want to get your home listed, or see that perfect home; it is time to draft your purchase or listing contract, I would be honored
for your consideration.